Where'd My Blog Go!?

If your feed is included on Planet NetBeans, and it has suddenly disappeared, it is probably caused by invalid XML.

In the past we've had some problems with subscribed blogs which did not validate due to invalid or broken XML. Usually when that happens, it means the feed generated here on planetnetbeans.org is also invalidated - and since the feed is displayed on the NetBeans IDE Welcome screen, that means users worldwide see errors or missing content when starting NetBeans.

In an attempt to stop that happening, each feed subscribed to Planet NetBeans is validated before being included in each site rebuild cycle. We're using an open source and widely used validator, the same one used by the W3C. If an incoming feed does not validate, it is temporarily excluded from that build of the Planet NetBeans site. Once the feed again validates, it will automatically be re-included the next time the site is rebuilt. A blog is only excluded for errors that the validator considers "fatal". Any excluded blogs are listed in the logfile.

If your blog has been temporarily excluded, please realise that it is temporary - we want your blog back up here as soon as you do! To keep the live feed and hundreds of thousands of NetBeans users worldwide happy, we need to err on the side of caution.

If your blog was excluded, please use one of the links below to verify and fix the error. As soon as you've fixed any reported errors, your blog will re-appear here on planetnetbeans.org. If you're having any problems, or your blog is validating but still being excluded, please get in touch.

Links :